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Thermal water

Exclusive medicinal effect of Kyustendil thermal water in Strimon Garden SPA Hotel, according to the most modern concepts, it is mainly due to the negative redox potential. It is really high – minus 340 milivolts.  Sources with such high negative value of the CFP in Bulgaria there is only in Kyustendil and in the world are extremely rare. When a person makes SPA treatments with this water is carried out so-called non-contact activation of the body – the negative redox potential of all body fluids increases through the skin, leading to provide additional evenrgy for the cells and exceptional antioxidant protection. Balneology with other medical classic and alternative technologies that are used in medical care in Strimon Garden SPA Hotel give exceptional results in healing process.

Indications For Treatment

  • Gynecological diseases:

    chronic inflammatory processes of genitals, egg failure, various types of infertility

  • Diseases of male genitalia:

    chronic prostatitis, vesikoliti, epidimiti, patospermiya, male infertility

  • Diseases of musculoskeletal system:

    arthritis-rheumatism chronic diseases (arthritis, osteoarthritis, polyarthritis, spondilartriti), degenerative bone diseases

  • Traumato orthopedic diseases:

    traumatich diseases of bones, joints, muscles, tendons, post-traumatic states – distortion-, dislocations, fractures, post-surgery conditions and others

  • Neuralgic diseases:

    neuralgia, neuritis, radiculitis, pleksiti, disc disease, herniated disc, consequences of injuries and injuries to the peripheral nervous system, postoperative conditions

All these indications are scientifically and statistically proven in the perennial use of Kyustendil water treatment

The thermal water has almost constant chemical content and temperature. It is pure, colorless with a pleasant  taste and smell of hydrogen sulfide. The water is with a low concentration of minerals.
As outlined in the document, issued by the Bulgarian Ministry of Health on March 8th, 2004, which gave Kyustendil the status of a SPA resort of national importance, the local mineral water has the following characteristics:
high capacity of 33 l / sec, it is hyper-thermal + 73ºC, enriched with hydrocarbon-sulphate – sodium, silicon, sulfur sulfide hydrogen, alkaline medium with pH 9.15. This makes it extremely effective for the treatment of a very wide range of health problems.

Water Chemical content: Barium

Ions mg/l Milimols mg/eq eq%
Fluorine 8.45 0.4 0.4 4.76
Chlorine 33.45 0.9
Sulfate 147.56 1.5966 3.1319 37.94
Carbonate 19.52 0.3260 0.6521 7.75
Hydrocarbonate 163.91 2.8586 2.8486 33.86
Hydrosilicate 1.59 0.0206 0.0206 0.24
Hydrosulfate 10.69 0.2597 0.2597 3.09
Thiosulfate 6.98 0.1246 0.1246 1.48
Ammonium traces
Sodium and potassium 186.96 8.2642 0.0849 1.01
Calcium 3.20 0.0424
Magnesium traces 0.0627 0.75
Iron 0.73 0.0313
Aluminium traces
Metasilicon acid 134.41 1.0018
Metaboron acid 2.00 0.0532
Metaarsenic acid 677.94 15.8829
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